Raspberry Straps

Fully raw helnyttiga candy belts!

For about 20 pc:
500 g raspberries (frozen or fresh)
2 bananas
15-20 dates (to taste)
The ingredients should be mixed together with hand blender and smeared into a ½ inch layer of parchment paper. Add patience and place in the oven at 50 degrees with the door ajar for 8-10 hours. Invert the cake when it is dry and the other side as well. The consistency should be “leathery” and not sticky. Then cut the straps!

Colorful halloumi “burger”

A lettuce leaf, one-click tsatziki, courgettes, halloumi, tomato, red onion and fresh basil.
A damn good summer recipe for you that does not want to do barbecue evening at a graveyard (or eat bread for that matter). Salad leaves serving as a substitute for bread, so it’s fine to use it if you want the right more filling.
10 cm cucumber
1 clove of garlic
2 cups matyoghurt
½ teaspoon salt  (or a little more if you use herbal salt) 
Black pepper to taste

Grate the cucumber coarsely and mix with remaining ingredients in a bowl.

For 4 servings:
2 packets halloumi cheese
1 red onion
2 tomatoes
1 zucchini
Leaves of lettuce 
Fresh basil
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Slice tomatoes and red onion, put to the side for later. Slice the zucchini (preferably diagonally so they get a little bigger) and halloumiosten in centimeter slices.
For the grill: Brush zucchini and halloumi with olive oil and grill a few minutes on each side.Otherwise: Roast zucchini and halloumi cheese in olive oil.  Season the zucchini with salt and pepper. Serve on lettuce leaves with fine tomato and red onion. Do not forget the Basilica!

Sesame Cookies

I’ve been craving sesame cakes for ages but dragged me to buy those at the grocery store because they contain both glucose syrup and sugar. So today I tried to make my own! It was görlätt and went surprisingly fast.

You will need:

3 cup sesame seeds (unhulled is healthier!)
2 cups shredded coconut
1 cup honey
1 milliliter salt
Dispose of all ingredients in the frying pan. Fry over medium heat, stirring for about 10 minutes. The honey will caramelize when it made it to the mixture changed color from pale to golden. Be careful not to burn only! LADLE of batter onto a baking sheet and place another sheet of baking paper on top. Roll the batter into a ½ inch thick cake.
Allow to cool. If you, like me, you are a perfectionist, you can cut the cake into even pieces with a knife after a few minutes. A little more time consuming and stickier options.Otherwise, just wait until it solidified and break off pieces!
I tried to melt a few squares dark chocolate (72%) and bre over half the cake when it has cooled for a while. Good Shit!

Own dark chocolate

Sugar-free, vegan, raw and really easy!

You need:

1 cup melted coconut oil (it will melt in 25 degree heat)
1 cup cocoa
½ cup agave syrup
1 pinch of salt (I chose sea salt)
Mix together all the ingredients to a smooth runny batter. Pour into molds. I chose these iskubsformer:
Set in the freezer for 20 minutes. Squeeze the chocolate out forms (they can get a little weird color after being in the freezer). Dress in foil and store in the fridge. Serve at room temperature!
Use this as a basic recipe and try to make different kinds of chocolate! Why not with cranberries or nuts?

Multivitamin Powder

Stinging nettles is with every right hated, but they are even any of it most nutritious we can find in our garden.
The nettles are protein rich and contains among other vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. They act as anti-inflammatory, cholesterol lowering, and to strengthen the immune system.


I’m tired of the same old nässelsoppan and wanted to try something different.



Shareholders’ multivitamin powder: 
1 . Picking nettles
If they already have grown big, so just snip off the top, the young leaves.
2. Drought
Spread on a towel and let them be warm and dry for a few days, turn them a few times. You can even put them in the oven at 50 degrees with the door ajar, this takes place just a few hours. The leaves should be crisp and crumble between your fingers (they stop burning when they are dried, typ.)
3. Sort out any stems and grind down the leaves into a powder
For example, food processor or hand blender.
4. Use
to smoothies, in cooking, along with muesli or whatever anytime.

Banana cake (according to all the rules)

Without sugar and low in carbohydrates, this is a cake most can enjoy with a clear conscience.
I liked this cake just because it is not as pretty, but if you want you can increase the sweetening something. For a little extra luxury, you can serve it with grated dark chocolate.
You will need:
2 bananas 
3 eggs 
1 cup cottage cheese / cream cheese 
1 tablespoon agave syrup (or 2 tbsp honey)
½ cup water 
1 ½ cup coconut flour 
4 teaspoons baking powder 
1 teaspoon vanilla powder
1 pinch salt

Preheat oven to 175 degrees. Use a hand blender to mash the bananas. Add eggs, cream cheese, agave/honey and water and blend smooth. Mix together then dry ingredients in a separate bowl and then mix into the batter. Grease and SPRINKLE WITH CRUMBS a bread pan (I used coconut oil as butter and grated coconut as breadcrumbs). Pour in batter and bake in the oven for about 45 minutes.