Rågod curry

Raw vegan low-carb giant fresh “noodle” curry. I went from dismissing the curry to have a new favorite dish. I am saved .

For about 3 servings:
1/4 head of cabbage 
1-2 carrots
a couple of pinches of salt

Cut the cabbage into thin strips. Do the same with the carrots, this is best done with a potato peeler. Put everything in a bowl and sprinkle with salt. Turn around a few times so the salt is distributed.

For the sauce:
½ cup almond lost
½ ripe avocado 
6 half-dried tomatoes (soaked in warm water for a few minutes) 3-4 tablespoons water(like that from the sun-dried tomatoes) A small handful of walnuts
Spices. I used these (turmeric and cayenne pepper should be used a bit more modest):
Chop the sun-dried tomatoes and walnuts coarsely. Mix together almond lost, avocado and water to make a fairly smooth. Mix in tomatoes, nuts and season with spices. Was pretty generous with the curry and paprika spice. Orange Pepper is perfect for a fresh, strong flavor, but can be replaced with ground black pepper and a few hang of one lime (or maybe a little ginger?).
Pour the batter over the “noodles” and stir thoroughly.
Serve with tomato and top with such thai basil!

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