Sesame Cookies

I’ve been craving sesame cakes for ages but dragged me to buy those at the grocery store because they contain both glucose syrup and sugar. So today I tried to make my own! It was görlätt and went surprisingly fast.

You will need:

3 cup sesame seeds (unhulled is healthier!)
2 cups shredded coconut
1 cup honey
1 milliliter salt
Dispose of all ingredients in the frying pan. Fry over medium heat, stirring for about 10 minutes. The honey will caramelize when it made it to the mixture changed color from pale to golden. Be careful not to burn only! LADLE of batter onto a baking sheet and place another sheet of baking paper on top. Roll the batter into a ½ inch thick cake.
Allow to cool. If you, like me, you are a perfectionist, you can cut the cake into even pieces with a knife after a few minutes. A little more time consuming and stickier options.Otherwise, just wait until it solidified and break off pieces!
I tried to melt a few squares dark chocolate (72%) and bre over half the cake when it has cooled for a while. Good Shit!

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